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MediaSwell solves go-to-market, operational and commercial management challenges for rising media and technology companies.

Benefits of Fractional Service


We provide help with go-to-market planning, business & product strategy, commercial & operational management to media & technology companies operating primarily online. We offer these services on a fractional COO/GM/CCO consulting basis with specific advantages:Strategic Expertise
You have immediate access to experienced, successful, skilled help solving start-up, growth, consistency and change challenges within the media and technology domains. Our expertise allows you to do more with fewer resources, and to more quickly and confidently operate your business successfully.
The fractional model provides businesses with the ability to ramp up and down based on needs of the company at any moment in time without a long-term commitment to an expensive, specific, full-time position. You can switch utility between short-term solutions, dedicated projects and long-term management consistency leveraging resources already steeped in your business.
Fractional service greatly reduces committed financial burden. Most engagements are part-time or shorter term, saving time and money.

What We Offer


Regional and Small Business Operations
- Establish and manage new operations
- Plan and manage change of existing processes and operations
- Instant North American presence for European companies
Commercial Management, Sales & Marketing
- Market positioning, product & brand strategy
- Go-to-market strategy & sales planning
- Sales & account management
- Sales marketing & PR management

Principal Consultant


JIM SCHOENBURGJim Schoenburg is the founder and Principal Consultant at MediaSwell. He works with entrepreneurs and executives, partners, customers and key stakeholders in media and technology companies to develop and execute cogent business strategies and manage commercial operations that advance an organization’s mission, achieve corporate goals, and increase revenue, profitability and valuation.For nearly 30 years, in roles as a leader, manager and sole contributor, Jim has been fortunate enough to provide service and product to General Motors, The New York Times, HBO, MTV, USA Networks, Bantam Doubleday Dell, NFL, NHL, MLB, Pfizer, J. Walter Thompson, Reuters, CNBC and Comcast. He’s helped such customers develop and integrate mission critical technologies, achieve specific ROI goals and deepen consumer relationships with their brands.Jim co-founded two .com era online entertainment and game-based marketing firms, Bottle Rocket and BrandPlay, alternately running production & operations, sales & account management. As a senior executive he went on to manage a brand strategy & design firm, MSDS (now Constructive) as well as an online publisher focused on real estate, CityRealty. More recently he led the US sales and account management efforts for Norwegian OTT video technology company, Vimond.

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So They Say


Comments & Kind Words from Former Colleagues, Customers & Partners

"I had the pleasure of working with Jim for several years. He is one of the smartest people I have ever worked with. His analytical mindset, combined with his understanding of human behavior, made him a very valuable colleague in our entrance to the US market. His candid opinions and feedback were always appreciated and served as inspiration."Andreas Helland, CEO & Co-Founder at Atender Group

"Jim is an organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist. He is a detail oriented, target oriented, ambitious and a strong co-worker. His knowledge is vast and extensive. I was impressed by Jim´s ability to deal with even the toughest clients – effortlessly. He has an easiness in building interpersonal relations with others that is impressive. I have learned a lot from his professional attitude and analytic mindset."Ådne Iden Høiland, Director of Infrastructure and Delivery at TV 2

"Jim has struck me as an advanced brand strategist who is able to differentiate clearly between general marketing and deep strategic brand management - all the while mastering both. He is solution-oriented, focused, and essentially a supernice guy that really knows his stuff. I would recommend Jim to any advanced marketing and brand leadership positions, specifically in international technology companies."Robert D. B. Leinders-Krog, CEO @X.Y.0.1 | brand specialist

"I cannot recommend Jim more highly. He is able to manage various projects and personalities with aplomb and with focus on revenue and value for all of the stakeholders."Kelly Moulton, Chief Commercial Officer, Sensar Marine

"I've worked with Jim in different capacities for over 20 years, during which he's been one of my most trusted colleagues. Along with decades of accumulated expertise in digital media, marketing, and sales, Jim brings exceptional emotional intelligence, clear-thinking, strategic perspective, and a consultative mindset to everything he does,—which are just a few of the reasons he's one of the first people I reach out to when I've got a challenging situation."Matthew Schwartz, Founder of Constructive

"Working with Jim was a very positive experience; not only is he extremely knowledgeable and diligent, his judgement is exceptional and he is very well spoken. His colleagues consistently held Jim in high regard and he quickly gained their respect and trust, and that of clients and partners. Jim also has strong analytical skills and is very capable at articulating the core issues, both verbally and in written form. Lastly, Jim is just a good person to have on a team. He's 110% reliable and brings a positive and collaborate attitude to any environment."Daniel Levy, President of CityRealty

"Jim is a great asset to have in any organization. His commanding knowledge of marketing combined with his ability to fit into any organizational culture, makes him a brilliant executive to have on board. I would recommend him to any company looking for leaders that combine strategic and tactical capabilities."Yoav Arnstein, Product Management Director - Facebook